Ethereum as a Service for Chainlink

Fiews is offering an Ethereum as a Service (EaaS) tailored specifically for Chainlink nodes. To demonstrate the capabilities of this service, Fiews is offering a free trial to the Ethereum testnet for a limited amount of Chainlink node operators.



WebSockets Endpoint wss:// wss://
Chainlink .env file entries

How to use

To get started, simply sign up for an account in the Fiews Dashboard and point your Chainlink node to the secure WebSockets endpoint defined above with your API key.

We have made it easy to copy and paste the entries to the .env file too – just make sure you remove any previous entry for ETH_URL. Also make sure you have specified the correct chain id and link contract address. When you start your node, it should be pointing to our load-balanced Ethereum nodes! That's all you have to do!

To verify that it's working as intended, monitor your Chainlink logs and check that new headers are being received. If they are – you are connected succesfully to the Ethereum testnet through Fiews' nodes!

If you have any questions, send an email to [email protected].

EaaS for Mainnet

Fiews will be offering this service on mainnet when Chainlink is also available on mainnet.

As for pricing, no details have been made public yet, but it will most likely be cheaper than running your own Ethereum node.

Benefits of this service
  • Full control over your private keys
  • Access to load-balanced Ethereum nodes
  • No waiting or need to set up your own node

Stay updated

The best way to stay updated on this service is by following Fiews on Twitter (@Fiewsio), or leave your email below.

Quick notes about this service

This service is only intended for Chainlink nodes, which means any functionality beyond what's required by a Chainlink node may or may not be available.

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